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Notes for John R. GUNN

General Note
From written notes of Alice Hardie:

In 1842 after two years, he moved to Logan Township where he settled and became a resident with his brothers, Walter D. and Robert, all of whom followed surveying and were agents for the lands in Hardin County and Logan Counties held by parties living a distance, also lands surveyed were Union and Champion counties.

John R. was once elected Justice of the Peace, twice County Surveyor. The last term had not expired at the time of his death. His last work was the straightening of the Sciota River channel for draining the surrounding marsh. He was so anxious for the work to progress rapidly, and winter being the only time when it could be done, he took a violent cold, pneumonia set in his lungs and ended in death. He was often called on to settle disputed territory, while holding the office of County Surveyor. He surveyed and settled the disputed line between Hardin County and Logan County which had been a bone of contention a number of years, both counties claiming the right to tax the land along the line.

John R. never took a college course, having a natural turn for mathematics, studied surveying and engineering. His theory was for one to find what they were fitted for then apply themselves to that calling.

From attachment to E-mail from Bettie Denning:



John R. Gunn was born in Logan County, Ohio, October 24, 1814. He had two brothers, Walter D. and Robert, and one sister, Isabella S. Their father, John Gunn, was born in Sutherlandshire, Scotland, in 1770; emigrated to Canada in 1800 with the English Army, in which he served several years. He finally settled in Montreal, thence at Malden, and from there went to Wapakoneta, as a trader among the Indians in 1804. In 1808, he removed to Logan County, Ohio, and settled on McKees Creek. where, during the war of 1812, he kept a tavern and rendered aid to the United States in the Commissary Department, for which services, after his decease, his widow received a warrant for 160 acres of land. He died in 1842. His widow survived him inane years and died in 1864. John R. married Miss Emily Garrett in 1844, about two years after having settled in this county. He became a resident of Lynn Township in 1842, with his two brothers, Walter D. and Robert, all of whom followed surveying, and many lands of Union, Logan, Hardin and Champaign Counties were surveyed by them. John R. Gunn was an active, enterprising business man, and became a large land holder, owning 1,000 acres or more. He took an active part in all the public improvements of his community, in the building of roads, schools and churches. His children were as follows: Mary A., Clara, Angus, Agnes, Alice. John M., Kenneth C. C., Florence V., Elgin and Robert.

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