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Notes for John Malcomb GUNN

General Note
From written notes of Alice Hardie:

John M. Gunn whose name appears on the INSCRIPTION ROCK, with the date, June 12, 1884 was born in Hardin County, Ohio, Oct. 6, 1860. He came to Laguna, New Mexico in 1881, where he worked for a time as a surveyor for the Santa Fe railroad, surveying the right of way through this section. He mapped the country and helped construct the railroad west. He surveyed other parts of the state also, then only a wild territory. He became friendly with the Indians and organized the tribes in war. He served as First Lieutenant of the Laguna troop of Mounted Militia in the Apache war. They made one or two expeditions during which Geronimo and his band were driven from that part of the country. He also served for several years in the Territorial Militia, reaching the rank of Captain.

When the Apaches were subdued and the railroad completed, he joined his brother Kenneth C. C. Gunn in the cattle business, and for thirty years they developed the BAR 15 Ranch south of Laguna.

In 1893 they built a grist mill at Laguna, which they enlarged in 1903, until it had a capacity of forty barrels a day. In 1904, they established a mercantile store at Laguna under the firm name "GUNN BROTHERS".

Mr. Gunn located large beds of lithographic limestone which were later operated by the New Mexico Pumice Stone Company. He learned the Pueblo and Navajo languages and was one of the first census takers of the Navajos. He gathered old myths, traditions and historical facts of the Queres Indians of Laguna and Acoma. A part of the history was published in "RECORDS OF THE PAST", edited by the Reverend Henry Baum, D.C.L., of Washington, D.C. in 1904. He published the book, "SCHAT-CHEN", which contains more historical facts, traditions, and narratives of the Queres Indians, in 1917

Mr. Gunn passed away on August 6, 1938 at the age of seventy seven (77) years at Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Employment Note
John M. Gunn was the Postmaster at Laguna, December 5, 1922.

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