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Notes for Willard T. WHITE

General Note
WILLARD T. WHITE. farmer ; P. O. Wyandot ; is the son of Charles W. and Hannah Hoover White; born Aug. 8, 1845. Charles White, grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was born and raised in Virginia. When the Revolutionary war broke out. he was about 16 years of age. He was placed on the muster roll of the militia, and was in active military service several years during the struggle of the colonies for American independence, and a portion of this period under the immediate command of Gen. Washington. White also served for several years in that branch of the service styled "minute men." When his father died, a portion of the estate inherited by the son consisted of slaves. Charles, having been reared under the teachings of slavery, was not at first opposed to the system. He made several additional purchases of this species of property, and, in a few years, removed to Kentucky, where he lived for some time in Fayette Co. But, having fought for liberty in his younger days, he could not reconcile the right to hold his fellow-men in bondage with the principles of eternal justice; and, becoming disgusted with the iniquitous system, he liberated his negroes, some thirteen in number, and shortly afterward removed to Ross Co., Ohio. Previous to this, he had enjoyed a competency, but his devotion to the cause of freedom and practical abolition caused a great reduction in his available assets, and, for some years, he was in straitened circumstances. When he removed to Ross Co., about 1812, he had barely enough to purchase the farm of 145 acres of land upon which he settled ; but, by industry and hard labor, he soon became in better financial condition. He resided in Ross Co. for some forty years, and died about the year 1856, at the advanced age of 96 years 6 months and 14 days. He was the father of three sons-Samuel, George and C. W. White. The two elder were soldiers in the American army during the war of 1812. The youngest son, who was born in Fayette Co., Ky., within a mile and a half of Lexington, July 18, 1802, was too young to engage in the second struggle for American independence. When about 18 years of age, C. W. White left his home in Ross Co. and visited the New Purchase for the purpose of seeking another home in this section of the State. About the year 1820, he obtained a situation at the old Indian Mill, located on the Sandusky River, several miles above the present site of Upper Sandusky. He was employed by the Government Indian Agent, received $15 a month and boarded himself. His assistant in the mill was Charles Garrett, and, at this time, the nearest white settler was at the Indian mission, then Upper Sandusky. White assisted at the mill for some three years. During this time, he saved money enough to purchase his first farm, consisting of 207 acres, now located in Dallas Township, which farm he has owned for over half a century. After working for different persons during the next nine years, he removed to his land, and, by industry, economy and hard labor, he has acquired a. competency. At the present time, he owns some thirteen hundred acres, all in Dallas Township except some ninety-seven acres which are in Bucyrus Township. During his life, he has paid more attention to the rearing of stock than to farming, and the principal source of his income in past years has been obtained by raising cattle. C. W. White was married, Nov. 25, 1830, to Miss Hannah Simmons Hoover, and they were the parents of three children, who are still living -Loreno, now Mrs. J. J. Fisher, of Bucyrus; Willard T. White and Charles White. The mother of these died many years since, but their father is still living, at the advanced age of 78 years, with his oldest son, who resides at the White homestead, in Dallas Township. Mr. C. W. White has frequently been chosen to fill various township offices during the last half century, but has never been anxious to serve the public in an official capacity. During the war, although not subject to the draft, he assisted in "clearing Dallas Township" on several occasions.

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